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Six years, two months, one day and now 150 posts deep. What a good run it has been.

However, like the gubernatorial career of Rod Blagojevich, all things must come to a decisive end.

My posts these last few years have been a mix of examination, frustration and absurdity. I feel it's time to focus on really observing the trends that we endure in this country.

1/20/09 seemed like a good time to start given the momentous event we experienced as a nation. Now whether you voted for the man or not, you have to admit the mere fact we have a President of African-American descent--no matter what the percentage--is a massive step toward progress.

It's also got me thinking about this country's habits, our motivations and thought processes.

I've spent so much time sounding off on people in the limelight, silly trends, media and the like, I've never stopped to take a look at the one common thread that connects them all: our culture.

So it is with this in mind that I close the book on Landshark Sandwich and crack open a new themed blog: Rolling with Culture.

My take on our culture in contemporary American society; the anomalous entity that has driven me to write these rants for so long.

It's a greater challenge for me as a writer to try and dissect the abstract, make sense of it, or at lease give it an objective view. And it's important to challenge oneself whenever possible.

It's been fun, kids. Now go visit

Goodnight and have a pleasant life.